Yes, I'm talking about losing your virginity, and to who.
I know many people who are not virgins, who have given their virginity away at the age of fourteen-fifteen, but the worst part is, they barely know the person they are doing it with, and that hurts me.

Virginity is meant to be something special, you're meant to lose it to someone you love, and trust and know very well. I think girls these days forget the importance of it, and throw it away like it means nothing.
But then, then there are the girls who get pressured into it by their friends or the 'leader' of the pact they are following. They do not want to have sex with the person they don't know, but know they have to if they want to be part of the group still. Personally, I don't agree with this, if they are your true friends, they will respect you're not ready. But also, the girl that's being pressured has to know where to draw the line, and stand up for herself, and back out when she knows it's not right, and knows she is not ready.

I think it's trashy to see someone brag about having sex with a random at a party at such a young age, and drop down to their knees whenever a guy talks to them. I think girls are losing their self respect, and they need to get it back, because who knows what kind of person you'll be meeting next a party, who knows the dangers he may bring upon you.