I want the shops to be open 24/7, cause it's times like these when I would totally go shopping.
I would be an owl, you know? Haha work at night, shop at night, then sleep all during the day.
I like night time so, so much better than day, I would act like day time was night, and night time was day heheh. Oh how I can dream.

Get to know me facts:
- I can't stand it when people copy my ideas
- I wish I had perfect skin
- I actually like Bratz dolls and want them to start selling again!
- I want to be a hairdresser but for now looking for full time work
- I use an egg/tomato as my skin cleaning routine - youtube it ;)
- I have to go to every store at least twice before I buy something, just to see if I can get the same thing but cheaper
- I love oversized t-shirts over printed tights or plain tights, with a huge hand bag, I guess that's my look i've been wearing for a bit now.
- Don't like bunbury or the majority of people in it. Don't get me wrong there are some lovely people here, but mostly.. no, and it's too derro for my liking.
- I love chalk, and whiteboards.
- Currently NOT cutting my hair except for my bangs
- Still yet to visit New York.
I'll put more up later.


I want:

Oh the things I would do to be as skinny and pretty as her.
I want:
1. My hair to grow down to my bum
2. Money
3. A job in hairdressing
4. Money
5. Money
6. Money
7. Money
8. To turn up Lady Gaga really loud right now
9. Bratz dolls to start selling again
10. To have alot of self control - i'm working on it.
11. A job in general
12. A little sister who will let me do her hair everyday and share makeup tips and secrets and be my friend
13. To be living in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth
14. Go to a pub
15. Be drop dead gorgeous
16. A huge rack of over sized t-shirts that say cool things and have pretty photos on them
17. A nicole richie t-shirt (I found one!)
18. To dance like a total douche and not be looked at funny
19. A soundproof room
20. A hug



Ali Michael- Too fat?

Ali Michael is a famous Model. She started out in Texas weighing 130 pounds at 5'9. Her agent told her she had to lose more weight, and she eventually got down to 102 pounds. Which is very underweight for her height. During all this, she was diagnosed with Anorexia. In a recent interveiw she told people 'I was on a plane from Paris to Texas, and I ran my fingers through my hair, and when I took my hand away there was a dry brittle clump of hair in my hand.' She then continued with '..And that's kind of when I realized that this wasn't worth it anymore, and it had completely taken over' She also told reporters that she was not the only model suffering,  When a reporter asked if other models were sick, Ali answered with 'Absolutely. I remember one instance when I was backstage at a show in Paris, and I was sitting in a group of four girls. I had mentioned to them that I hadn't had a period in over a year, and one by one all of them said, "Oh, me too."' Ali decided to get help, and started working with a nutritionist, she got a bit more healthy, and returned to modeling. Only one designer booked her, the rest stated that her legs were 'too fat' She was a size 0-2.

My opinion:
This is a really sad story, and it also angers me. This is the example people want to set on our generation, a size 0-2 is 'too fat' A size 4 is an Australian size 8. So, so many girls open up fashion magazines, FTV on the tv, and see these models and think that they have to look like that. If the models are getting called fat and being told to lose weight at a size 0-2, what effect do you think that has on the girls and guys. It's unrealistic, and it has to change. The fashion industry affects everyone!


Weight, rant.

I gained two kilos in the past week, yeah, ew.
Doesnt surprise me, all i've eaten is shit. I went from not even looking at junk food to constantly eating it, how the fuck does that happen!?
Man haha, I remember the days when Mum and Cam were eating ice-creams and i'm working out.
Haha, although, i went from 56kg, then randomly dropped down to 52, then right down to 47, all in about two weeks, because I cut out all junk food and exercised heaps and drank alot of water. I'm going to start that again. Ugh, I think i'm like.. 49-50 now. I don't know, i'm too scared to get on the scales hahaha! Today I was thinking of everything I ate and I would of eaten 1500 calories easy. It really kinda smacked me in the face then. That's like soooo much more than I'm used to eating haha, I have a small stomach so like, a celery stick would of filled me up the other week. So over it, this is bullshit. I'll update on how i'm going in a few days :)
P.s, I saw the cutest guy today, with the cutest accent

Random & Kinda pointless

Tehe, I'm in a great mood this morning! It's 7:30am, havent been up this early in like a month hahah.
I just bought all these clothes yesterday, i got like 3 outfits for $30!
Nice ;)
Now i'm on the hunt for Lady Gaga t-shirts, if not then i'll just buy one off of ebay probably next month or as soon as i get more money so I have it in time for April when I go to her concert, reow can not wait!
And it is now safe to say sunglasses DO NOT suit me hahah, i tried on like every single pair, and everyone looks so weird on me >_<  I want those sandle shoes everyone has but I have finger toes hahahah! Anyway, Matt ordered that eyeshadow palette for me yesterday cause I have no idea how to use ebay -.- hehe
And I want a tatoo somewhere that says 'That's your opinion and i'm not going to waste my time trying to change it!' By lady gaga ^_^ And and and, Mum is gonna teach me how to make a huge bow like this:   But obviously a tad smaller and a different colour. I should go have a shower, I bought some more makeup yesterday so thank god for that! haha, and I have no idea what i'm going to wear, i'll probably wear this really cute dress I bought with a black cotton jacket thing over the top, you know I went into almost EVERY store for that, not even target had it -.- I know my posts lately don't mean anything and they are random, my bad!


Makeup wants

Ordering this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
HOW AMAZING! And only $20!
Then when I get some more money im gonna get this:
Ahh, the love tehe <3
Also, I need to find a good heat protector for my hair! Haha, then I need to go to the Mac store in perth when I get alot of money and find the perfect foundation for my skin! Desperately! hehe
I think that if you're going to spend alot of money on makeup, foundation is the thing you need to make perfect haha. And I need some super high heels for Lady Gaga! And I might order a Lady Gaga t-shirt, cause I found this really amazing one that I fell in love with ^_^
I've only been listening to Lady Gaga for like, a week straight, man she is amazing!
I'm totally into makeup right now, like way obsessed, everything i'm looking at on the internet is makeup sites, and makeup on youtube, I love looking for new, interesting looks to do!
And I'm so sick of my dark lips! I'm buying a lipstick that makes them pale, i already have one but i don't like it very much hehe. Oh I could go on forever, but i'm gonna cut it off here. SO EXCITED FOR LADY GAGA AND SOUNDWAVE!



Right now, i've never been more confused. I just want to go to bed and cry. On a positive note, I went and saw The Lovely Bones, if you are good with movies that are complicated then I definately recomend you go see it. It's sad, and I think my favourite part is the end, and the beginning when he says 'You are beautiful, Suzie Salmon' That would be nice, to be told you're beautiful, to be given flowers, to be kissed on the forehead. To have someone you can cry on, rely on. Someone who you can lay with all night, forget the world and talk about everything and anything, your dreams, your future, good things, bad things, things that you never told anyone else. I know this all sounds cliche, but it's something i've always wanted. I want to know what it's like to be in love.


New blog

Just letting everyone know, I have a new blog.
I'm still going to use this blog. This blog will be used as my 'personal blog' and on Tumblr I will post photos, etc :)