Life I guess.

I've made many mistakes, but i've learnt from every single one. It's made me grow in so many ways.
I feel I am alot more mature than I was a year ago, I can hold an intelligent conversation, I can make strong decisions on my own and I don't need to hold someones hand to get where I want.
I realised true friends don't stab you in the back, they don't tell you bullshit. I realised life isn't always fair, and although you may get angry, and want to kill everything in your path, it's nobodys fault, sometimes it's not even your own fault. It's just the way things happen, that's life. Life isnt fair, or easy or anything that we want and expect it to be. I've learnt to be more open minded, and step outside the square and take in the whole picture. Be more understanding, accepting. I've learnt how to love, and be loved in return. I've learnt to love myself no matter how bad my hair is that day. I now know it's not horrible to be seen without my makeup, and that people look absolutely beautiful when they first wake up in the morning.
I believe everything happens for a reason, and although you may not find that reason straight away, you will. It could take weeks, or years. but one day you will look back and say 'Wow, if I never did that, this would not be happening today'

This blog is jumping everywhere, but I need to get everything off of my chest.