Linner and Dunch

Today I got chicks, haha baby chickens. They are so cute, amber and I named then Linner and Dunch. There is a story behind it, so i'm going to share it with you :D

Well, the other day tiffannie, amber and I were having a 'late lunch' and we were like, well brunch is like breakfast and lunch, so what's a name for lunch and dinner, and we came up with Linner Dunch, then we thought it sounded like a clothing brand hahaha. It was more funny if you were there. Anyway, so my chicken is called Dunch and Ambers is calling Linner. They are adorable but make alot of noise. And if you are wondering 'what will happen when they grow up.' Don't worry, my dad has a chook pen with other big chooks so he will look after them when they are bigger :D