This is random! Haha

Ugh, I was just on the phone to someone and totally said something that I didnt mean to say haha.
Now I want to turn back the time and have the conversation again, but do it differently. And I could always ring them up again, and tell them the real story, but then I will have no chance in hell. UGH. It's okay, i'll work something out. So, I have two jobs now? Unless I purposely do shitty at the trial on Monday. I'll figure something out, I guess. Maybe, you know, I could just wait until the times that I have to work clash, and then quit a job. Or I could just say no to one of them now, and say i've found another job. Ugh, I wish I never even had that phone call. Haha, I think i'll just say no to one of them, that's probably easier then getting myself into something I most likely wont be able to get out of, and getting fired from both jobs, and end up back at the start. Sigh, I'm crawling back into bed now, even though I probably shouldnt, because it's almost lunch time on a Saturday. But i really don't feel like doing anything at all. Just one of those days, you know. I ran out of ice cubes, so I put a glass of water in the fridge whilst I drink this glass hahah, I hate normal temp. water, it has to be realllly cold! Hehe. I'm glad i'm feeling a bit better this morning, but I want to work out, but Mums watching TV. I love Yoga, it's so amazing. I've only started doing it, but it's lovely and I feel so great after doing it.