Photos and things I bought

First just a few photos of my weight.

Just a photo of my legs back in the day. (April 2010?)
Getting back to this
Work pants - My stomach now (10/10/2010)

Now, onto things I bought yesterday (9/10/2010)

Jumpsuit, $40. Looks better on haha my bad photo taking skills.
Straps come off, but I like it better with them on.
Size: S/M

Size 6 Dotti dress. On sale for $25 marked down from $70
Don't like it that much but decided to get it anyway haha. The bottom of it is just loose, couple cms above knees.

Supre dress/singlet. Really pretty for Summer. Singlet $15, lace dress $25

Shorts- First pair $30 from little store in Bunbury
Shorts- Second pair from Supre $38?