You're standing there, looking over the edge.
Everything looks so tiny.
You could end it all, what are you waiting for?
Instead you turn around.
Life is so fragile, and nobody realises that.
We forget so many things. When you order your morning coffee, or walking to class, take a look around at the people. Really, truly look at them.
What do you see?
Do you just see the colour of their hair, or that their nose is too big for their face, or do you see a person.
A living, breathing person, who just like you, wakes up every morning, gets dressed and tries to live their life.
Stop looking at everyone else like they are the problem. Maybe the problem is you, maybe you need to treat people more like what they are, a person, a living human being, not just an object.

Next time you're waiting in line, or walking around, try to look at someone honestly, don't focus on their clothes, or hair or the way their makeup is. Try to see into their heart, and if you accomplish this, I promise you, you'll start to hate people less.
You need patience, you need respect. You need to be kind, and you need to have an honest heart.