My day

Today was the most eventful Saturday I've had in a while, I know right, how sad.
But Dad woke me and Tiffannie up at 6:30am, which totally sucked because it was so early, and so cold. But i dealt with it and got a shower blah blah. So, we drove all the way to Busselton for Maccas, had breakfast at Maccas, mmm pancakes, hashbrowns and bacon burger things, you know those breakfast muffins, yeah, them. Cameron wanted fanta for breakfast, whaaaat? No.

Anyway, so we had breakfast, I got to dads car and his car was so dirty so I wrote 'I'm a loser' on the back, cause i'm hell mature haha. We went for a drive around Nanup (i can't spell it, sorry) and all these other places that was just all bush. It was so relaxing, in a way. Because I havent been out like that in so long. Anyway, so I went into these op shops, and antique shops. And we saw bike riders that had fluffy ears attached to their helmets LOL. And, a sheep that was scratching itself against a tree, and the tree was bending hahaha. So yeah, we went around everywhere site seeing basically, it was good. And then we went to a vegetable shop, and some lady dropped all these lollies, and i helped her pick them up. So that was my good deed for the day :)
Then I came home, and had a huge sleep. The end.