Why girls are better than guys

So, I was sitting on my bed one day, absolutely bored, letting my mind wander and I was thinking of many reasons why girls are better than guys :D
Here is the list i came up with

#1. We can hide it if we're turned on
#2. When we sit on the toilet, nobody will know if we're shitting, or pissing
#3. We have more choice in fashion
#4. We can complain about random shit for no reason
#5. We can wear makeup without getting weird looks
#6. We live longer
#7. We are more caring and compasionate
#8. Generally, we smell better
#9. We can have children
#10. We know how to use sex to get what we want ;)
#11. We have more class then men
#12. We are more 'in touch' with our emotions
#13. We can kiss a member of the same sex and people think it's hot
#14. We have an excuse to go crazy once a month
#15. We can cry whenever we want without it being gay

That's all i came up with, i'll add more later