Fake friends

Haha yes, real friends vs. fake friends.
I must say, I now who who fits into each category.

Haha, so, I now know who the fake bitches are, and thank you. Thank you for awakening me from my dream and bringing my back to real life. Really.
Could you not just tell me to my face that you didn't wanna hang out anymore, did you really have to go make up excuses like 'Oh, I didn't know you werent invited' then go giggle behind my back to the rest of you guys, knowing full well what you did was no mistake.
Thanks for treating me like shit, and although I will never know what I did, maybe it's jealousy, maybe you just are a plain and simple bitch. I don't know. But I will never, ever waste my time with you again only to be treated like shit.
My last words for you; fuck you.