This was written by, i read it, smiled and nodded in agreement.

'...and girls, really- if you’re going to sit on tumblr and lift your shirt, take photographs of yours semi-naked self, and then post them onto the internet; you’re not going to get respect. people will not fall for your personality, your creativity, your wonderful style or your beautiful face- they will fall for your cheap display of who you portray yourself to be. and the self-criticizing photographs where you are looking just as you do in real life; and yet say ‘oh, i look hideous/ugly today’. lets be honest- everyone knows it is a clear cry for ‘oh come on, you’re beautiful’ re-blogs. whether people admit it, endure it, or unfollow because of it- no one is stupid enough to think you will parade your photographs around on the internet if you don’t believe you look even half decent in them. it’s all reasonably pointless, and whilst it may be an empty confidence boost- it’s making you seem more foolish with every post. i couldn’t care less of your age, your location or your motives behind acting like this. do yourself a favor and wake up to yourselves. 99.99% of you are likely to be beautiful, wonderful, sweet and sincere girls. putting on this stupid facade of acting more foolish is hurting no one but yourself. - you want to know what i believe. i believe that rather than dumbing yourselves down and baring your bodies, you should be legitimately you, and nothing but that. because secretly; though they’ll never admit it unless they’ve fallen in love with you… boys love a challenge. so girls; use tumblr as an avenue to be yourself, not somewhere to wear a mask and act like someone you’re not.'