Sometimes, just the thought of another day can bring me to tears. How fucking amazing is that jacket? And for $70 I think it was pretty good. And im loving, loving loving those types of rings at the moment. And red. I'm loving large hangbags, big shirts and hairclips. I've only had a taco today, which filled me up pretty quick. This new years i wont do anything, i'm going to lay in bed and look at blogs or something. I don't find thrill in dancing around getting drunk just to bring in a new year, also i'm feeling pretty crappy tonight. I just watched Sex and the city movie, for the 3rd time. It's so amazing, i want an apartment of my own, just something small that I can call my own. I can not wait until I move to Perth, just a few more years. I'm going to Perth for a week around the 18th Janurary, I can not wait. My best friend gets back on the 3rd, I can't wait to see her again haha. I bought a couple of rings yesterday, i'll take some photos now and put them up.
    I love to pink flower one. They were $5 each which is a total bargin.