Ali Michael- Too fat?

Ali Michael is a famous Model. She started out in Texas weighing 130 pounds at 5'9. Her agent told her she had to lose more weight, and she eventually got down to 102 pounds. Which is very underweight for her height. During all this, she was diagnosed with Anorexia. In a recent interveiw she told people 'I was on a plane from Paris to Texas, and I ran my fingers through my hair, and when I took my hand away there was a dry brittle clump of hair in my hand.' She then continued with '..And that's kind of when I realized that this wasn't worth it anymore, and it had completely taken over' She also told reporters that she was not the only model suffering,  When a reporter asked if other models were sick, Ali answered with 'Absolutely. I remember one instance when I was backstage at a show in Paris, and I was sitting in a group of four girls. I had mentioned to them that I hadn't had a period in over a year, and one by one all of them said, "Oh, me too."' Ali decided to get help, and started working with a nutritionist, she got a bit more healthy, and returned to modeling. Only one designer booked her, the rest stated that her legs were 'too fat' She was a size 0-2.

My opinion:
This is a really sad story, and it also angers me. This is the example people want to set on our generation, a size 0-2 is 'too fat' A size 4 is an Australian size 8. So, so many girls open up fashion magazines, FTV on the tv, and see these models and think that they have to look like that. If the models are getting called fat and being told to lose weight at a size 0-2, what effect do you think that has on the girls and guys. It's unrealistic, and it has to change. The fashion industry affects everyone!