Weight, rant.

I gained two kilos in the past week, yeah, ew.
Doesnt surprise me, all i've eaten is shit. I went from not even looking at junk food to constantly eating it, how the fuck does that happen!?
Man haha, I remember the days when Mum and Cam were eating ice-creams and i'm working out.
Haha, although, i went from 56kg, then randomly dropped down to 52, then right down to 47, all in about two weeks, because I cut out all junk food and exercised heaps and drank alot of water. I'm going to start that again. Ugh, I think i'm like.. 49-50 now. I don't know, i'm too scared to get on the scales hahaha! Today I was thinking of everything I ate and I would of eaten 1500 calories easy. It really kinda smacked me in the face then. That's like soooo much more than I'm used to eating haha, I have a small stomach so like, a celery stick would of filled me up the other week. So over it, this is bullshit. I'll update on how i'm going in a few days :)
P.s, I saw the cutest guy today, with the cutest accent