I want:

Oh the things I would do to be as skinny and pretty as her.
I want:
1. My hair to grow down to my bum
2. Money
3. A job in hairdressing
4. Money
5. Money
6. Money
7. Money
8. To turn up Lady Gaga really loud right now
9. Bratz dolls to start selling again
10. To have alot of self control - i'm working on it.
11. A job in general
12. A little sister who will let me do her hair everyday and share makeup tips and secrets and be my friend
13. To be living in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth
14. Go to a pub
15. Be drop dead gorgeous
16. A huge rack of over sized t-shirts that say cool things and have pretty photos on them
17. A nicole richie t-shirt (I found one!)
18. To dance like a total douche and not be looked at funny
19. A soundproof room
20. A hug