I want the shops to be open 24/7, cause it's times like these when I would totally go shopping.
I would be an owl, you know? Haha work at night, shop at night, then sleep all during the day.
I like night time so, so much better than day, I would act like day time was night, and night time was day heheh. Oh how I can dream.

Get to know me facts:
- I can't stand it when people copy my ideas
- I wish I had perfect skin
- I actually like Bratz dolls and want them to start selling again!
- I want to be a hairdresser but for now looking for full time work
- I use an egg/tomato as my skin cleaning routine - youtube it ;)
- I have to go to every store at least twice before I buy something, just to see if I can get the same thing but cheaper
- I love oversized t-shirts over printed tights or plain tights, with a huge hand bag, I guess that's my look i've been wearing for a bit now.
- Don't like bunbury or the majority of people in it. Don't get me wrong there are some lovely people here, but mostly.. no, and it's too derro for my liking.
- I love chalk, and whiteboards.
- Currently NOT cutting my hair except for my bangs
- Still yet to visit New York.
I'll put more up later.