Makeup wants

Ordering this:
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HOW AMAZING! And only $20!
Then when I get some more money im gonna get this:
Ahh, the love tehe <3
Also, I need to find a good heat protector for my hair! Haha, then I need to go to the Mac store in perth when I get alot of money and find the perfect foundation for my skin! Desperately! hehe
I think that if you're going to spend alot of money on makeup, foundation is the thing you need to make perfect haha. And I need some super high heels for Lady Gaga! And I might order a Lady Gaga t-shirt, cause I found this really amazing one that I fell in love with ^_^
I've only been listening to Lady Gaga for like, a week straight, man she is amazing!
I'm totally into makeup right now, like way obsessed, everything i'm looking at on the internet is makeup sites, and makeup on youtube, I love looking for new, interesting looks to do!
And I'm so sick of my dark lips! I'm buying a lipstick that makes them pale, i already have one but i don't like it very much hehe. Oh I could go on forever, but i'm gonna cut it off here. SO EXCITED FOR LADY GAGA AND SOUNDWAVE!