Random & Kinda pointless

Tehe, I'm in a great mood this morning! It's 7:30am, havent been up this early in like a month hahah.
I just bought all these clothes yesterday, i got like 3 outfits for $30!
Nice ;)
Now i'm on the hunt for Lady Gaga t-shirts, if not then i'll just buy one off of ebay probably next month or as soon as i get more money so I have it in time for April when I go to her concert, reow can not wait!
And it is now safe to say sunglasses DO NOT suit me hahah, i tried on like every single pair, and everyone looks so weird on me >_<  I want those sandle shoes everyone has but I have finger toes hahahah! Anyway, Matt ordered that eyeshadow palette for me yesterday cause I have no idea how to use ebay -.- hehe
And I want a tatoo somewhere that says 'That's your opinion and i'm not going to waste my time trying to change it!' By lady gaga ^_^ And and and, Mum is gonna teach me how to make a huge bow like this: http://prettysuperficial.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/gaga.jpg   But obviously a tad smaller and a different colour. I should go have a shower, I bought some more makeup yesterday so thank god for that! haha, and I have no idea what i'm going to wear, i'll probably wear this really cute dress I bought with a black cotton jacket thing over the top, you know I went into almost EVERY store for that, not even target had it -.- I know my posts lately don't mean anything and they are random, my bad!