Haha, everything and everyone.

I always start reading magazines from back to front. Then I start reading a story and I'm like umm this doesnt make sense hahaha.
I'm working again tomorrow, so excited! It's so fun. But I probably won't be on counter, damn it.
I wanna go for a walk, right now. With someone, anyone. And I wanna go to the playground with a spinny thing and laugh until my sides hurt. And then share deep secrets under the stars. That'd be nice.
I wanna have a sleep over with Tiff, she makes me laugh so much I almost cry hahaha. Like the time we slept on the floor for two nights because we couldnt be bothered moving to the couch. Or our stupid immature jokes we make, ahh, how she totally took over my bed and I slept on the floor :p Adding randoms on msn, going on webcam but instead of us we show two teddy bears just sitting there and we've wetting ourselves laughing. When I ran all the way to her house crying cause me and mum just had a massive fight haha. Singing peice of me on the school bus HAHA, Japanese lessons, and how we ran into the bushes when we were meant to be in Japanese and we totally were shitting ourselves the whole time. Being there for each other when everyone else wasnt. Just school bus rides home in general, and tiff would get off at my stop and walk to her house somedays, and other times i'd get off at her stop and walk to mine. Drawing allll over the road with chalk and then blaming it on the neighbours hahaha. The two second fight we had under the tree then the same afternoon we were best friends again hahah. The time we were scared of the shovel in her old house and wouldnt even walk past it. Last days of school at the foreshore.
AH SO MANY MORE MEMORIES, but they will only be funny to Tiff and me haha.

And I love Jersey, my Dads dog. She always gives me cuddles and hugs when i'm sad, and one night I was feeling sick and she slept next to me the whole night, and I woke up in the morning and she was still there. Whenever she gets in trouble for doing something wrong she runs up to me, jumps on my lap and just lays there being a sook hahaha. How she plays soccer with me, and really gets into it. The time we went for this huge walk and at the end I sat on the couch and she put her head on my lap and went to sleep. She is honestly the best dog in the whole world, I love her so much ^_^ Even when everyone called her ugly when she was a puppy, I thought she was adorable hehe.
THEN THERE WAS STORM, he was cute at a young age, and we would hide in my room together and he would sleep on my lap whilst I read a book. And he used my pencil case as a pillow. Then he grew up, haha.

I remember living in Perth when I was like 3 or something, and I couldnt pronounce elephant. And then we moved to Bunbury, and I remember coral street, and Richelle riding through the sand on a motorbike and stacking it! Totally got it on tape and even to this day I laugh so hard at it. And christmas in 1994. Being OBSESSED with Jesse McCartney or whatever his name is hahaha! And me, richelle and another person making a 'fashion tv show' 'cause we were so bored haha, I wish I knew where that video is :( I watched it a few years ago, lost it now.

Living at sharrens for 3 weeks. Cam, mum and me sharing a double bed for the whole 3 weeks, but it was the most interesting three weeks I'd ever had. Getting my neighbour to take me to school every morning because I couldnt be bothered walking to the bus stop! HAHA, she was a lovely lady, honestly, we had the best morning chats. Having an old lady living across the road, and every afternoon I would go see her, and spend hours chatting about everything, help her with things around the house, I miss that. When I was little, getting on the end of someones trolley and yelling 'GO GO GO GO' hahaha. Taking a ballet book out of the public library and spending weeks trying to learn haha. Matts very first shave HAHA! I still have the photos.

I bed nobody read to the end. Haha, I'm so bored, so I felt like doing this.
I have so many more random things, but I decided to better stop.