Night time

Bad night turned out okay.
Took matts good headphones, turned up Lady Gaga really loud, put on school of rock and after a few hours I'm okay, I think hah. I think night time is also more peaceful, and everyone has gone to bed so I have time to myself etc. Planning on sleeping all day tomorrow, should be good, havent done it in so long.
I've found a lovely book that I'm starting to read, since I'm home alone all this week, I need something to keep me busy :)
If you know of any good books please let me know! haha.
Going to the book store later this week when my pay goes in, it's so relaxing in there and the books are so amazing ^_^
Other than that, nothing really new is going on, Soundwave is just around the corner, gotta get my hair fixed up and buy some new stuff for that. Then buy some sweet heels for Lady Gaga and by then my makeup pallette should of arrived so I can do a nice eyeshadow for that, and just put together and outfit or something. I need to start using my notepad for a list of things I need to do, might do that now haha write down everything I need to do/buy and start planning. I always leave everything until the last minute but i'm not going to this time haha, I need to be more organised. So yeah, gotta ring up and get my hair done, check with Tallara about a few things, go into the city and get some clothes and shoes.
OH YES, I just decided I'm dying my hair a dark, dark brown before Soundwave. I might go red again, maybe! Not sure, ahh, i'll get tiffs opinion, although I have a feeling she will say GO RED! haha. I'll get my hair thinned and fringe cut and everything then dye my hair. I'm rambling haha, cya.