Random blogging.

I just finished planning everything I need to get done haha. Dinner tomorrow night with Matt and Amber. Hairdressers on Thursday, then Thursday night going shopping with Tiff and Amber haha I just need a simple, cute black jacket. Then Friday is nothing. Saturday I'm working, then straight after work, going home to grab my stuff, heading up to Perth with Matt and Amber and staying at Richelles. Saturday and Sunday Amber and me are going shopping in Perth haha. Pretty excited about going to Perth and what not, although I'll be sleeping on the floor. HAHA, seriously. But it's okay. Been emailing some really great people from tumblr, they are so lovely. Well, i've lost almost 2kg, which is fucking amazing! Haha. Soup, soup and more soup, and work, and alot of water. Can't wait to see Tiff again, even though I saw her the other afternoon. The shit we get up to sometimes -__- and with Amber too! Should be a great night.
I remember playing Lady Gaga super loud at like 3am and then drawing all over the road with chalk at like 4am hahaha. I've never seen a more retarded love-heart in my life haha! Soo, tomorrow I'm cooking dinner and dessert. Although I won't eat it haha. But no, I'm like slowly getting better at cooking, probably cause I cook about 3 times a day hahah. Cooking somehow makes me feel so much better, like you know how people eat to feel better, or dance to feel better. I cook. I'm so weird!
I'm still deciding on what colour I want to dye my hair. Each post takes me like hours to write because I write something, leave it, then when I think of something else to add I come back hahah.
Tonight I'm going to clean up, whilst everyone is sleeping.
Anyway, I saw someone the other day, and honestly, it was like love at first sight.
Ohk, not really. But super, super super super cute and nice!
FML, I always crush on boys I can't have. Always.