Hehe, got my hair cut today, it's short, layered, messy with a messy side fringe, i actually like it ahah. I might go back to a bob when this grows out. I'm over growing my hair long, i love it short haha.
Then tonight I get to hang out with my best friend in the entire world!
And Mum went to the doctors and oh my god the doctor was so funny, i cried from laughing so hard.
Doctor: 'Wow, you have put on weight' to Mum and im like OMG! Then laughed so hard hahaah and then like five minutes later he was like about my nanna 'Your mum reminds me of hitler *does weird face*'
HAHA LIKE SERIOUSLY, want to dig the hole any deeper?
And then, Mum and me were driving along and Mum was like
OMG SIMONE, that's amber behind us so I look, and I'm like hehe let's do something. So we were like slowing down and being total idiots and then the car drives past us and like gives us a dirty look, it wasnt even amber -_- HAHA, we almost died from laughter. Poor girl! Then waiting in the waiting room at the doctors we could not stop laughing, we laughed at anything, and people were looking, but we seriously could not stop laughing. We're retards sometimes!
Oh, I tried a cute dress on today, a size 6. Totally expecting it to be way too small but it fitted, im like are you serious hahahah. Just cleaned up, going to have a shower soon when Tiff gets etc to go out tonight. I don't wanna change my hair haha the hairdressers got it so nice.